Your 5 hot tips to ensure your share of the US$300bn global wedding industry

Thankfully, despite the tough economic climate, the wedding industry is to a large extent recession proof. Yes – everyone is feeling the pinch right now, which means you have to work smarter and harder. But, people are still getting married. Longer engagements and a priority on budget – they will be looking to you, the professionals, to provide the creative answers in getting more bang for their buck. 


Omnichannel is where it’s at
But how do you generate business? How do you create brand awareness? You know that in any given year, you need a certain number of weddings to make your business viable - so how do you go about marketing yourself to achieve this goal?

One thing is for sure – you keep marketing yourself and you take on an omni-channel approach with your campaign. (click here for our article on Growing Your Business in A Tough Economy).

Know your market

But who and how are you designing your marketing campaign around? There is another challenge we are facing – Generational Marketing. Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennial and Gen Z. It’s a mine field out there!

So let’s break it down into who they are:

5 Hot Tips to Boost your business - Baby Boomers
5 Hot Tips to Boost your business - Gex X
5 Hot Tips to Boost your business - Millennial
5 Hot Tips to Boost your business - Gen Z

Leverage Premium Events as a trump draw card

At The Wedding Expo we are heavily invested in all marketing mediums that attract the Millennial and Gen Z purchasers as our main target audience – the brides and grooms. At the same time, we make sure that we are still appealing to the Gen X and the Baby Boomers as these audiences are the parents of the brides and grooms.

Know who your talking to, what to say, when to say it and how to say it
The Millennial couple is shaking up the wedding industry. They write their own rules, make all the decisions together, are financially savvy and self-financing . Millennials have grown up in a world with every media channel available to them and they are not scared to voice their opinions when they don’t find your products or advertising campaigns appealing.

They still value personal and private interaction and see exhibitions as a key factor in gaining access to contacts they can trust. Most Millennials trust print advertising as long as it’s relevant to them, and Bridal magazines are enticing as they are emotional and evocative and this appeals to their love of luxury.

INSIDER INFO: 69% of brides and grooms pay for their own weddings.

Gen Z, the “always on” generation are heavily invested in mobile marketing. 47% of their research is done online, but they actively avoid online advertising. They listen to influencers, but celebrities don’t impress them. With constant switching between platforms, it’s challenging for marketers to know how to reach them in the right way. YouTube, Instagram and snapchat are their preferred platforms and they are attracted to edgy and visually appealing video marketing.

INSIDER INFO: Keeping their attention – you only have 12 seconds with Millennials and on 8 seconds with Gen Z.

Capitalise on brand experiences – see, hear, touch, smell and taste
One good thing however, they suffer from FOMO – so want to be present at everything! And, like Millennials, Gen Z crave brand experiences. Exhibitions, festivals and product launches are the perfect place to capture the hearts and minds of this generation. Experiential marketing is what attracts the Gen Z buyer and nothing will ever beat person-to-person marketing. Experiential marketing is the only way to build sustainable relationships with this consumer, especially if they share that experience with friends and family – therefore growing your customer base by personal recommendation.

INSIDER INFO: Experiential marketing is all about direct contact with consumers

So what are you waiting for?

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