Top Tips to Fitness

Regular physical activity is important, but let’s face it – life tends to get in the way of our good intentions, and planning a wedding leaves very little time for anything else. Most of us end up trying to squeeze the odd workout into our busy schedules, so we need to make our exercise count.

Top tips to fitness - Running

Get outdoors
Spending the afternoon in a park with your loved one is good for the soul, and simply being in a green space has its own health benefits. But you need to physically engage rather than just passively experience the great outdoors. Outdoor workouts have great psychological benefits, resulting in greater revitalisation, increased energy, less depression, anger, confusion and tension.

Rule 2
Have fun
Make exercise more enjoyable and more playful. Instead of pounding out an hour on the stationary bike, try mountain biking. Instead of doing box jumps at the gym, jump on a trampoline or jumping castle. Ditch running aimlessly on a treadmill or around your block, again, and go play a sport like soccer, basketball, hockey or tennis.

Rule 3
Live with purpose

A big problem that prevents people from working out is that it all feels so meaningless. And let’s face it, going to the gym to lift some weights just so you can put them back down, or walking on a treadmill for an hour without going anywhere, can feel pretty pointless. Why not do something simple, like working with your hands and building useful things, helping friends move, cleaning up your house or doing gardening can give you a great workout and produce tangible and useful results.

Top tips to fitness - Running

Rule 4
Partner up
Research has shown that working out with a partner or in groups boosts the stress reduction we get from exercise. If your training buddy is stronger, fitter or faster than you, don’t avoid training with them – their success will inspire you to do better. Create a similar effect by including your maid-of-honour and bridesmaids, heck even your hubby-to-be, in regular workouts.

Rule 5
Don’t sweat the small stuff
Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to lose those last few kilos that it consumes you and your training programme. Rather focus on the journey and look at all the other positives exercise brings with it, like health, happiness and fitness. Keep your goals in mind; just don’t become obsessed with the end result.


Amanda Cunningham
Managing Director
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