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the power of exhibitions

Today’s internet savvy millennial bride does not want to be overwhelmed by anything that can’t add value to her planning experience. With all the tools, resources and information at the touch of a button – she’s A for Away. Or is she?


The Wedding Expo enlisted the help of three brides-to-be at our recent Hyde Park Corner and Carnival City expo’s to give us honest, down-to-earth, practical feedback on whether attending an Expo versus planning a wedding online gave them more bang for their buck.

Sarah-Jane decided to bring along her “bride tribe” so that everyone felt included in the planning process. Having spent many hours on Pinterest with a board for every aspect of how her wedding would look, feel and taste, she felt completely in control as to how and which service providers she needed to approach and speak to and exactly what she wanted. “It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. We loved the gin bar! I was thrown completely off-course right from the beginning when I saw a dress that I would never have even considered online, but seeing it on the mannequin bought it to life. It was exquisite and I booked to go for a fitting! Whilst I’m pretty set on the venue (she’s getting married in her parents garden), it was really nice to see options available from slick city weddings to country chic. I particularly wanted to get ideas on invitations and stationery as my research online has shown that this is definitely a trend that is back in play. Guests want a printed invitation rather than something online. I was disappointed not to find more exhibitors to choose from and just get ideas. Overall, I enjoyed the expo and connected only with vendors that I wanted to meet as I don’t want to be bombarded with unwanted emails. Yes, I’d recommend it to other brides and grooms”.


Sandra and Michael attended on their own. “We’ve only just got engaged so haven’t really given much thought to any of the planning. We do know that we don’t want a big wedding and would rather spend more money on things like the photos and a video of the day, which is something that we will enjoy for many years. What we did particularly love were the Wedtalks and the Fashion Feature. We got practical advice from the talks and it was really wonderful to see the beautiful dresses and hear the advice of a fashion designer when considering your dress. I assumed that a couture dress would be completely out of the question, but that’s not necessarily the case. As we’re not getting married for at least another year, I think we’ll attend a couple more Expo’s to get more ideas. We really enjoyed ourselves and loved meeting all the different vendors”.


Zandile came with her mum and daughter. “We’ve done our traditional wedding and are now looking to celebrate our white wedding. I was really only looking for décor ideas. Table settings, flowers, different colour schemes, vases – that kind of thing. There was a nice choice, but I’d like to have seen more. I didn’t manage to see a fashion show, but the cake tasting was great. That’s a good idea and really helps in deciding what to have. I’m not sure Expo’s are my thing, but I did get a couple of great contacts so let’s see. Sadly I didn’t win any prizes – maybe I’ll have to attend another show”!


Overall we believe that our three brides gained valuable knowledge and exposure to a greater number of wedding suppliers in a more concentrated time that spending hours trawling online.  We have, of course, edited their comments – but what was interesting was picking out the aspects of their weddings that they were particularly looking to find inspiration on.  Décor, photography, fashion, invitations and stationery.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re not already exhibiting with us, why not consider exhibiting at The Wedding Expo Sibaya 2019 or contact us about our 2020 expo’s. There really is no easier route to market yourself than at a live event.

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