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The groom's responsibilities

This week, it’s all about The Groom!  After all – he’s 50% of the bridal couple, so what are his responsibilities for the wedding? 

Once the initial euphoria has died down, the practicalities of organising your wedding start kicking in. Where to start, how to start, what to do?


Decide on the venue, date and guest list with your fiancée. Whoo Hoo – this is a breeze! (Not really.)

What are the groom’s responsibilities for the wedding? Whatever the size and format of your wedding, there is a set of basics that every groom must cover and take full responsibility for. Prioritise these and off you go!


Firstly, work out a realistic budget with your fiancé before you even think about paying for wedding stuff. Before you can do this you’ll need to sit down and have a mature, business-like conversation with your future in-laws, your parents, and anyone who is offering to assist you financially. Clarify everything upfront and maintain as much control of the budget as possible. Download Old Mutual’s brilliant budget app 22Seven.



Be sure to choose your best man and groomsmen wisely. It’s important that you pick the guys you’ll be having braais with in 20 years’ time and be absolutely certain that your best man is comfortable speaking in public. You don’t want to upset your better half right up front, because your best man behaved badly on the day.

You’ll need to arrange their and your outfits. It’s actually quite fun, but be mindful of everyone’s budget.


It’s up to you to arrange your future spouse’s wedding band… and possibly your own if you’re going to wear one.  This is different from the engagement ring.


The significance of the wedding band is a circle has no beginning or end and is therefore a symbol of infinity. It is endless, eternal, just the way love should be. For many the wedding ring is worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. This is because the vein in this finger was believed to lead directly to the wearer's heart.


It’s a man’s responsibility and one worth accepting – you may not care too much whether you’re having dauphinoise gratin or scalloped potatoes with the main course, but you’ll care what tunes are playing on the dance floor afterwards. This is something fun that you can do with your fiancé whilst planning the wedding.


Arrange the bar… and, if possible, pay for it.


Arrange transport… for everyone. This means ensuring that all close family have rides to and from the church and venue sorted as far in advance as possible (it’s worth being organised, promise!). A great gesture is to get information on shuttles and cab options to all your other guests.


Arrange wedding-night accommodation. Don’t skimp just because it’s one night only – your (brand-new) spouse will never forgive you.


Arrange the honeymoon. It’s expensive, pay for it as soon as possible.


Arrive at the altar on time… and in spotless nick without giving your bride-to-be any cause for concern whatsoever, even if the best man goes AWOL and is found in a hedge 45 minutes before the ceremony.


Write your speech, then take out half the bad jokes and rewrite it. This is not an opportunity for you to see if you can make a career out of being a stand up comedian.  Make a heartfelt, emotional, unforgettable speech.


Look after your bride/groom… during the planning, throughout the day itself and for the rest of your life.

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