Pint sized beauty aids for your big day

Your makeup artist and hair stylist have done an amazing job, but you might just need a little touch up throughout the day/night. Here are a few tips to keep you looking radiant throughout your wedding. You’ll need a little makeup bag to keep them in and you can ask you bridesmaids to keep this handy for you.



Happy tears might need a few drops to get your eyes sparkling again.



After eating, polish your smile with Colgate Wisp.  You don’t want any photos of you with a touch of spinach in your teeth.


Hair spray

L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hair spray Extra Strong Hold to keep flyaways in place.



For teary eyes or runny noses, pocket tissues are an essential in your little bag.


Face Fixes

Fill up an old lipstick palette with your lipstick, foundation, concealer, blush, balm and a gloss.  This will keep you looking refreshed at all times.


Cotton tips

Essential for cleaning up mascara runs!  Dove 100% pure cotton buds.


Floral Note

Gabrielle Chanel mini fragrance to keep your groom suitably romanced with this perfect scent.  Available at stockists nationwide.


A pretty bag

Lou Harvey has a great range of cosmetic pouches and bags perfectly suited to carry all your essential items.


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