in the spotlight – didi waleng

This dynamic woman is a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter and a business woman. Didi Waleng-Friedman is the CEO of Lounge Around and LA Weddings.
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Bite Sized Bakes

bite sized bakes

Is the thought of a towering five-tier wedding cake giving you nightmares! Worry not...
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Lebola is a loved part of our heritage, but is it legal?

lobola is a loved part of our heritage, but is it legal?

The practice of lobola is an intrinsic part of getting married for many South Africans. But is it a tradition or a legal process?
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take control of your & your employees financial future

One of today’s biggest challenges is making the right financial decisions because it will determine the future of individuals, families and businesses.
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Old Mutual Joint Bank Account

money, love and the question of the joint bank account

There’s a lot of truth in the old expression: ‘When poverty comes in the front door, love goes out the back door.’
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Bouquet of Dreams

bouquet of dreams

Throw the rule book away and embrace the new style suite of beautiful bouquets.
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