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Nothing is more gratifying than knowing you have your finances under control, your bills are paid and you have a little saved up for a rainy day. Finding yourself in this scenario gives you peace of mind in an economy where saving could sometimes be challenging. There are so many financial demands; our money is stretched to the max and sometimes we do not have anything left over to save. 

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In this digital age, we face lifestyle pressures. People are spending money they do not have to portray a lifestyle they cannot afford.

As a young couple getting ready to tie the knot, how do you cope with so much pressure coming from all sides? Family and friends, social media, the list is endless. The trick is not to let external pressures get in the way of your happily ever after.

Start by measuring how financial savvy you are through assessments, draw up a budget and start planning that dream wedding. You will be surprised at the amount of financial knowledge you will gain from doing these assessments. To help you get started, sign up for Old Mutual Rewards. It’s free.



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