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in the spotlight - didi waleng

This dynamic woman is a wife, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a daughter and a business woman. Didi Waleng-Friedman is the CEO of Lounge Around and LA Weddings.


Didi is no stranger to hard work – she started from a young age working with her parents in the petroleum industry. A strong believer in learning as you go, she believes that the best lessons are learnt through experience.

In 2013, having acquired Lounge Around (an active business), Didi capitalized on her love for creating beautiful things and has taken the company to where it is today - a leading event furniture and décor hire company in South Africa.

“We design pieces that evoke the senses which are aesthetically appealing and physically comfortable”.

“Our success is attributed to our vision of the definitive lounge experience, focusing on service excellence and innovation, a vision which is shared by our clients”.

In 2015, Didi was looking for a more evocative project and LA Weddings was created to offer a bespoke service of style, and unmistakable excellence at every level. This well-known and loved wedding company specializes in creating beautiful, memorable and personalized weddings. LA Weddings has staged a number of exclusive yet personal experiences. “We go beyond creating weddings. Together with our couple, we bring their vision to reality”.

“The wedding market has certainly transformed over the past few years as there is far greater participation by the groom. The groom becomes involved which makes it more inclusive. Young couples know precisely what they want and we believe this has a lot to do with technology. So much is available on line which has on one hand, made it easier to find that dream wedding theme but on the other hand more difficult as there is so much more to choose from."

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