he proposed…. I said yes, but are we financially ready?

Getting married is exciting! For most it is something that you dream of from a young age. You start to visualise your wedding day; your dress, the venue, the décor, the cake and how perfect your day will be, daydreaming becomes a thing.

He proposed Main

You seldom consider the financial implications that go into planning a wedding, let alone the financial aspects to consider when committing to a marriage.

Finances play an important role when planning your big day. As a couple you need to consider your spending habits, draw up a budget and possibly opening a savings account. Whether you save in a joint account or individually, is a decision that has to be made by both parties.

While the excitement of getting married is at its peak, couples are encouraged to build on their financial knowledge; set goals, track your progress and invest for your wedding. Putting money away towards your wedding might sound daunting, it is therefore important not to lose sight of why you are getting yourself financially savvy in the first place ‘Saving for Your Wedding’.

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