Bridal Party Chronicles

Making it into the bridal entourage is validation of the friendship with the bride, a hierarchy of sorts. Often #TeamBride is a group of close friends and family that have been in the bride’s life for a long time.


They’re the people that have the best interests of the bride at heart. Their job is to ensure that all the bride’s needs are met and most importantly that she gets a proper send off from Miss to Mrs.

Planning a bridal shower is one of the best parts of being on #TeamBride: you set the theme, the games, share the gift wish list and lots of other fun stuff. Smart #TeamBrides can take advantage of Old Mutual Rewards when they plan the bridal shower.

Old Mutual Rewards - rewards you for making the right financial decisions. Earn rewards for using our free online tools to budget for the bridal shower, and other wedding expenses you might have (outfit, gifts, wedding day prep etc). You’ll earn even more rewards when you measure your financial savvy through assessments and do our online financial education courses. You will be surprised at the amount of financial knowledge you could get from doing these assessments.

Get started by signing up for Old Mutual Rewards here. It’s free AND so easy to use because it’s all on your mobile phone. And after you’ve earned your rewards, you can spend them just as easily doing the things that make life enjoyable: pampering the bride, shopping with our selected retail partners and investing in financial goals.

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