a bouquet of dreams

Throw the rule book away and embrace the new style suite of beautiful bouquets.

Gone are the days when the bride was limited to a traditional posy to clasp as she walked down the aisle. Now there is a wonderful profusion of choice. Whether you favour an unstructured ‘just picked’ handful of wildflowers, a clutch of indigenous blooms, or a sculptural waterfall of showstopper blossoms, the choices are infinite. Just be sure to avoid extremes that will appear unbalanced.

Crazy about colour? Express your  personality with a vibrant array.


The simplicity of minimalism


Scent is one of our most evocative senses. Flowers look, smell and feel gorgeous and can be intensely personal.


A pop of colour with traditional greenery.


Cascading colours and rich shades to highlight your femininity and let the flowers do the talking.


Local, seasonal and authentic.


Classic beauty.


You can choose an oversized bouquet, even if you're a petit bride - it's all about balance.


Crazy about colour? Express your personality with a vibrant array.

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