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5 tips to keep your marriage money bickering proof

Nothing puts a damper on a relationship quite like arguing over money. Despite your best intentions (and your vows of everlasting love) there’s bound to be a tiff or two over who pays what. Here are just a few ways you can keep those money battles – or at least most of them – at bay.


1. Discover the lay of the land
There are a few discussions to be had as a couple before you tie the knot… spirituality, children (to have or not to have), where you’ll be spending religious holidays and money management. Your partner’s views on money can and will impact how it’s spent when you’re both responsible for living expenses. Going in prepared can make a world of difference.

2. Together but separate
Depending on your circumstances – whether both parties work or not – you can opt to have one consolidated bank account, separate accounts or a hybrid.
Separate accounts or a hybrid set up means you each are assigned bills that you are responsible for. These bills or accounts need to benefit the both of you – like electricity, groceries, rent or home loan repayments. Once these key expenses are paid for each party is free to spend as they will.

3. Keep a little on the side
It’s important to maintain your financial independence despite your belief that you’ve just moved in with or married your soul mate. Life is unpredictable and you have to be prepared. So keep a little nest egg tucked away.

4. Talk about your goals and dreams
Your dream may be to go travelling one day while your partner’s is to save enough to buy that extra-large HD flat screen TV to get the best sport viewing available. You won’t know until you talk about it. And then compromise.

5. Be free to indulge without judgement
Going the separate accounts with joint responsibilities route means there’s no animosity when either of you has a little splurge. Once the mutually-benefiting expenses are paid you’re free to do with your money as you wish. Remember the money conversation doesn’t stop after you get married. Revisit and refine for a long, healthy, quibble-free marriage.

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