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5 big marketing ideas for small businesses

The world today is “constantly connected”. 24/7 we are bombarded with a wide range of digital marketing strategies offering cost-effective ways to reach target audiences. But what is the answer if you are a small business with a limited budget?

Face To Face Is The Biggest Winner!


When it comes to “engagement”, exhibitions really do deliver the genuine results. They are an experiential marketing tool that engages in a face-to-face environment.

The best of all, people who attend exhibitions choose to be there and to connect with the products and services on show! As an exhibitor, you have a chance to use all five senses to entice potential clients to your stand. You generate leads and build interactive relationships.

And the networking opportunities are fantastic; you can share ideas and advice, team up with other professionals who you’d like to work with. Maybe even consider a partnership or collaboration? No one would say that exhibitions should be the only medium in your marketing plan. But many would agree that exhibitions are the pinnacle of the marketing pyramid - that they deliver completely what other media can only get you a step closer to: personal interaction with real buyers.

Always Carry Business Cards


Business cards are a cost effective small business marketing tactic. They are a critical part of your marketing arsenal. How many times have you been out and about somewhere, and someone asks for your card? Don’t miss out on potential business – always have a handy stash in your bag or wallet and you’ll make a lasting impression.

Content Is King


Content marketing allows you to offer valuable advice and information to your target audience, which shows that you are actively invested in them. Your blog should be updated regularly and should be available to read on your website. Ideally you want to get users to subscribe to your mailing list or get them to interact with you about services or products that you speak about.

Email Marketing


Once you’ve captured all those email addresses through your blog and social media sites, you now need to interact with them on a regular basis via email marketing campaigns. Yes, we all receive too many emails, but the statistics show that consumers actually like getting emails when communicating for business purposes.

What’s important is that you get them to “open” your email newsletter and gain audience engagement. has some great advice on how to set up an award winning campaign.

Social Media


First off, choose where you want to be. Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn / Instagam / Pinterest. Understanding your audience should determine which is the best for you. You need to build a relationship with them and this means regular engagement, great visuals, fun and interesting posts, and the hottest trend - video content. Social media algorithms are also constantly evolving and this means it’s harder to gain traction organically. Paid for advertising and boosted posts are certainly something to consider, but can be costly.

Social media can help you connect with your audience, increase your brand and attract potential customers. But you don’t need to do it all – start small and build your social media marketing over time.

Summing it all up

  • Get working on a plan of action.
  • Commit to specific objectives with a specific time frame.
  • Ensure that you have variety in your marketing mix – choosing only one channel
    will limit your exposure.
  • Be pro-active and be prepared.

Good luck!

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