the easy way to offer your employees competitive benefits

Small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMMEs) are the backbone of the South African economy. SMMEs represent 40% of all business in the country and the National Development Plan forecasts that by 2030, 90% of all new jobs will be from SMMEs.


As an SMME owner, you have many responsibilities. However, one of the many things that may keep small business owners up at night, is the fact that they are solely responsible for the livelihood of their employees. Having people depend on you and your business for their financial and future wellbeing can be extremely stressful. And while providing an employee benefit package can be a start, many small business owners also don’t know where to start when it comes to offering a set of competitive benefits to their employees.

At Old Mutual Corporate, we try to take some of this stress away from you by offering employee benefits packages that will suit your specific requirements as a small business owner and will cater for the needs of your employees. Whether you have five or fifty employees, we have a fully pre-packaged solution through our SuperFund Easy offering.

SuperFund Easy is a convenient, affordable employee benefit solution that provides carefully preselected retirement, death, disability and dread disease benefits as well as funeral cover and many value-added benefits and services.

Our SuperFund Easy offering is specifically for smaller employers. An employer who hasn’t offered employee benefits before will face a few issues when they do it for the first time, like: dealing with the complexity of the solutions that are out there, how much do you offer, what don’t you offer, and what about the administrative complexity of actually running it?

SuperFund Easy delivers a simplified package that doesn’t require the business owner to make those complex choices, because it has been done and packaged for you. This makes it very simple to administer.

So as an employer, Old Mutual SuperFund Easy is ideal for you if:

  • You are a small to medium-sized company with 5 or more employees who wants an easy-to-manage retirement and risk benefits solution;
  • You prefer a pre-packaged option that provides:
  • Retirement savings;
  • Death, disability and dread disease benefits;
  • Funeral cover.
  • You want to have the ability to offer comprehensive employee benefits, but without high levels of involvement in the management of those benefits;
  • You place a priority on staff retention by means of value-adding employee benefits;
  • You want to place your employees’ retirement savings in the hands of South Africa’s biggest umbrella fund.

SuperFund Easy forms part of Old Mutual’s SuperFund – South Africa’s largest umbrella retirement fund. With R110bn assets under management, Old Mutual SuperFund cares for the needs of over 5 500 employers and 420 000 employees.

For more information on Old Mutual SuperFund Easy, or to discuss the choices and options available, contact an Old Mutual Personal Financial Adviser here, a qualified and registered intermediary, or an Old Mutual Corporate Consultant. You can also visit for more information.



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