Accessing your post event leads

Thank you so much for using Necta at The Wedding Expo Durban!

Eager to get your hands on your scans? Please follow the steps below:

Using the same username (email address) and password used for the app, go to to enter the admin portal.
The default screen will look like the below. Click on CONTACTS.


Necta Admin Dashboard

After clicking on CONTACTS you will see two headings at the top:
Who Scanned Me and Who I Scanned.
Select The Wedding Expo Durban to view the scans. By clicking on the pink "download to excel" button
you will be able to download these lists and have your leads on your computer in a few seconds!


Necta Admin Contacts Screen

If you are having any issues with logging in or you have forgotten your password,
please click on the "forgot password" option when trying to log into the admin portal.